Likes synthwave and 80's power ballads. Likes kung fu movies, muppets, and stop motion animation. Likes food deep fried, pan fried, grilled, toasted, stewed, steamed or baked (PIZZA) with a 2/3rds side of carbs (PIZZA CRUST).

Big fan of giant monsters and marine animals. The mola mola (sunfish) is a good fish- everyone is just mean.

  • Drawing, watercolor painting, sculpting (in clay).
  • 3D Sculpting in Blender 2.8, TinkerCAD, and Meshmixer.
  • Chiptune music (sample tracks below and on Bandcamp) and pixel art.
  • Linux (Debian-based and Arch-based), C++, Python, CSS3, HTML5
  • Tried NaNoWriMo! Read Whale Killer free!
  • Experienced with CorelDRAW, InkScape, Krita, Clip Studio, and more.
  • I can unjam a printer.